Wednesday, October 10, 2012


As I was opening my email I saw an article about bullying. This is a sensitive topic for me. My oldest son has had some issues with bullies in the past. He fought back and when the "bully" realized my son had the upper hand, he left well enough alone. We recently had another issue at the high school. My son is a freshman and the other boy is older. I contacted the school only for them to turn it around on my son and for them to tell me my son broke an ink pen and it upset the other student. I'm sorry but that's not grounds for him to throw my child against a wall 2-3 times. We as parents really need to come together and put a stop to this! The young man in the article claims that he has been bullied for years. As he was about to sit down for an interview with a local news media he was reportedly "roughed up". Even cyber bullied. Read the full story HERE. He was even suspended on one occasion for fighting back instead of going to the school administration! Lets all help to support this family in their struggle and continue to speak up about bullying. You can like their official  Facebook Page Here.

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