Saturday, October 20, 2012

Parnevu T-Tree Review

Having a degree in Cosmetology, hair care is very important to me. I'm constantly on the lookout for new and different hair care products. I recently contacted Parnevu to do a review of their T-Tree products. For those that are not familiar with Tea Tree here is a little history.

Tea tree is the common name given to the Melaleuca alternifolia plant that grows in the moist soil of wooded areas in Australia, according to Plants for a Future. The oil derived from distilling the leaves is used in a wide variety of applications, including home remedies and skin care products. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that make it effective at treating many conditions. 

Now. I have extremely oily hair. My husband jokingly tells me I need to have my oil changed instead of a shower. Since I have been using Parnevu my hair has been much more manageable. The shampoo has that light tingle as most Tea Tree shampoos do. It leaves my scalp feeling clean and refreshed. It feels like it can breathe again. One plus is that it doesn't take a ton of product to get your hair clean. A little goes a long way!

PARNEVU T-Tree Shampoo

The only downfall is that I can't use the leave in conditioner as a leave in. However that has nothing to do with the product. My hair is not only oily but very fine and thin. It doesn't take much to weigh it down. So instead I still apply it as normal and just rinse it out at the end of my shower in cool water. Works great.

PARNEVU T-Tree Leave In Conditioner

Now being a hair dresser, I put a lot of stuff on my hair. I use color and styling products that can not only damage the hair but also irritate the scalp. Not to mention I pull it up a lot. In turn I sometimes get sores on my scalp. Since I have started the T-Tree regimen that has pretty much ceased. This is partly because of the antibacterial and healing benefits of Tea Tree. 

Overall I really like the products I received and would recommend them to anyone looking to make a change. The products are very inexpensive and you're getting good quality! To check out their full line of T-Tree Products and to order, head on over HERE and Make sure to like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter!

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