Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NaturOli Soap Nuts Review

Thank You to Natur Oli for providing me with their products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Soap Nuts Deluxe Packaged Set - Home, Personal & Hair Care!

I received the Soap Nuts Deluxe Package Set: Home Personal and Hair Care. This package includes:

-ONE POUND NaturOli "Select" Soap Nuts, USDA Certified Organic with a heavy duty wash bag.
- An 8-oz "EXTREME 18X" Soap Nuts Liquid Concentrate with micro-dose pump.
- A rich Soap Nuts Shampoo Bar, large size.
- A luxurious, handmade Soap Nuts Cleansing Bar, large size.
- A 16-oz "EXTREME Hair" Soap Nut Shampoo.
- A NaturOli exclusive Soap Nuts Laundry Pre-Treat Stick.
- A 3.5-oz jar of finely ground and sifted, mukorossi Soap Nuts Powder for laundry, housecleaning or personal care.

These Saponin-based products clean naturally without chemicals or sulfates which was a huge plus for me. I am in the process of eliminating all things toxic in my home and going with all natural cleaners so I couldn't wait to try Soap Nuts! I only use cold water to do my laundry at home so I soaked the soap nuts in hot water for a few minutes before adding to my laundry. The results were great! My clothes came out clean and no sticky residue. With the EXTREME 18X concentrated cleaner, I made several different cleaners. There were no harsh smell or dangerous fumes. I mixed maybe a teaspoon with a spray bottle full of water and had myself an all natural, multi-purpose cleaner!

The Pre-treat Stick works amazing as well. Every time I eat something I always spill it on myself. While out to dinner last week, I spilled mustard and ketchup on my new white shirt. When I got home I treated the shirt with the pre-treat stick and voila, the stain was gone! I am extremely pleased with all of the NaturOli products I received and highly recommend them to anyone whether you are looking for all natural or not. I will definitely be a return customer of NaturOli.

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