Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dropcam Review

Thank You to Dropcam for providing me with their products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.
Dropcam HD with live viewing

After our travel camper was broken into last month, I knew we had to do something. During a three week period, there were numerous break ins and thefts in our area. Living in a very rural area it made it very difficult to see or hear anyone. Most everyone that was victimized had quiet a bit of property and the items stolen were a good ways from the house. I had a security camera installed for a long time, however it didn't have night vision so I found it to be useless and packed it away. Had I known about Dropcam, I may have been able to assist the cops in recovering my stolen items, which included a shotgun, or maybe even caught them in the act!

My Camera arrived very fast! The package was in great condition. The box includes everything you need to get started right away. The camera, the mount, cord and wall plug.

Setting up the Dropcam was a breeze. I simply plugged it into my computers USB port and followed the on screen prompts. Once set up was complete and it was connected to my wifi connection, I placed it where I wanted it and plugged it into the wall. I was then able to view it live from my Dropcam account. It took a total of less than 10 minutes! How's that for easy?!

 Dropcam HD is the only Wi-Fi video monitoring camera that offers simple and fast setup with intelligent monitoring features so people can check in on the things they care about from anywhere in the world 24/7. Dropcam utilizes bank-level security to encrypt all streaming video so you can rest assured that no one else can ever access your video. Dropcam HD includes full 720p streaming, night vision, digital zoom and two-way talk back, and with the optional DVR service you can access stored footage of the past seven or thirty days. You can also set up email and smartphone alerts triggered by Dropcam’s motion and sound sensing technology 

Now that I have my Dropcam installed, I have 24/7 footage of my barn, camper, vehicles and 2 of the 4 entries to my home. All from one camera! My Dropcam is installed in my kitchen window. To the left and the right are 2 entry doors. My barn is to the right, camper right in front, and the empty area is where my vehicles are parked at night.

One thing I really like about the Dropcam is that I can view it anytime from my iPad or iPhone. It plugs into the wall which allows me to move it anywhere I want in my house within range of my WIFI connection. With 4 teenagers, this makes for a great tool!  If I have to run errands and they decide to stay behind, I can simply move the Dropcam and check in on them whenever I want. No more "But Mom I didn't hear the phone ring" excuse! I can check in on them and even talk through my device to let them know I am watching! If someone happens to unplug it, it sends me an alert to my email or smartphone! If I am away with no internet connection, I can easily send access to my account to a family member and they can periodically check in on my home as well!

The award-winning Dropcam HD Wi-Fi video camera provides cloud-based monitoring and DVR service for people to remotely check in on their house, kids, pets, office or anything else they care about from a smartphone, tablet or computer. San Francisco-based Dropcam was founded in 2009 by Greg Duffy and Aamir Virani. To learn more, visit www.dropcam.com

Features of the Dropcam:

Quick setup: Connect and place in less than a minute. 
Mobile apps: Watch remotely from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
HD video quality: Get into the details with 720p video and a wide angle lens.
Two-way audio: Connect directly via built-in microphone and speaker.
Bank-level security: Stream safely with state-of-the-art SSL encryption.
Night vision: Maintain visibility around the clock with automatic infrared LEDs.
Location aware: Turn on and off based on your location.
Scheduling: Turn on and off based on the time of day.
Digital zoom: Focus on what's happening in one area of the room.
Optional sharing: Share your stream with friends or make it public and show the world.
Activity alerts: Receive motion and sound alerts by email or device notifications.
Automatic updates: Get new features with regular camera, cloud and app software updates.

 Another one of my favorite features is the ability to schedule the Dropcam. I can log in to my account, go into my settings and have it set to where it will turn off and on when I want it too. Since I am at home during the day, I figure the best time for me to use the camera is at night. I simply log into my settings, add that, and I'm done! I don't have to wonder if I turned it on or not. I am at ease knowing it's already keeping watch over my belongings. 

I highly recommend Dropcam. Whether you are looking for protection for your home, office, or daycare, Dropcam has you covered! I know I will definitely rest easier at night with Dropcam in my home. 

Dropcam HD is available on Amazon and dropcam.com for $149! 

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  1. Wow, I've heard about cameras that allow you remote view but I thought they were outrageously expensive. This is awesome!

  2. Right now we have an old laptop set up to do surveillance on who enters our apartment because we suspected that someone was coming in the last time we went on vacation. This seems way more practical!

  3. Right now we have an old laptop set up to do surveillance on who enters our apartment because we suspected that someone was coming in the last time we went on vacation. This seems way more practical!

  4. I like this, my husband and I have been thinking about getting one of these, very informative post! thanks!

  5. wow, that's a great cam as it can see outside views clearly.


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