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Rejuvenator Products Micro Bubble Shower Head Review

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When I first received the offer to review this shower head I thought, it's a shower head, how much different can it be?! I quickly re thought that when it arrived and I got it installed. 

Now with my previous shower head, I didn't realize how "hard" and heavy my water felt until I tried the Rejuvenator. Normal shower heads merely cover your body with water, and you then use soap to clean the surface of your skin. By using Microbubble Technology™they have created an effective and affordable shower head that not only cleans the surface of your skin but also naturally and effectively cleans deep within your pores.

Installation was very easy. I installed it myself. Simply remove your old shower head, replace it with the diverter if you plan to continue using your old shower head. Re-attach your old shower head, and attach the new head. Everything you need is included in the box. Of course I couldn't wait to get in the shower and try it out. There is a knob on the side if the diverter that allows you to use either shower head or both at the same time. 


So what is a Micro Bubble you ask?

A Microbubble is a fine bubble. In Japan, the milky bubbles are utilized in various fields ranging from hot spring bath to cancer diagnosis. The institution that invented this device first ever in the world, Tokuyama College of Technology, found out that micro bubbles help blood circulation. Consequently, hot springs using the micro bubbles are popular, and the water containing micro-bubbled ozone can continue to show a sterilization effect for over a month. The milky bubble water with micro bubbles has an activation effect of organism, and thus is used in the medical or health, food processing, agricultural water, and fish farming sectors. As an eco-energy source using only water and air, very tiny bubbles less than 50 micrometers in size are made from the special device, and their properties are greatly different from general bubbles. Unlike general bubbles, the micro bubbles should continuously burst and disappear (complete dissolution) in the water. Especially, a micro bubble rises in a very slow speed upon being generated, and produces 400km/h speed of impact waves including 40Khz supersonic waves, large amounts of anions, instantaneous high temperature (about 5,500 °C), and brings about a variety of effects.
After about a week of using the Rejuvenator Shower Head  my skin feels so clean! During use, it feels like my body is being cleaned from the inside out. I can tell that it is working because I have been having a few breakouts on my back and face. Being a licensed cosmetologist I can tell you that when a product really works, it brings the dirt and oils to the surface (causing breakouts) After repeated use it eventually gets the dirt and oil out resulting in beautiful skin! So whats better than a clean fresh face and body without the use of harsh chemicals? Nothing! I absolutely adore my new shower head and hope to get a ton of use out of it for years to come. The Rejuvenator also uses 30%-40% less water than those traditional shower heads. That's another plus since my water bill is well over $100 each month.

I am 100% satisfied with my shower head from Rejuvenator Products and recommend them to anyone looking for a deep down clean all while enjoying a spa life experience in the privacy of your own home!

Can't wait to try the Rejuvenator for yourself? Buy It! You can purchase your very own Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Shower Head from Amazon!

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