Saturday, October 5, 2013

The New Age Source Salt Lamp Bowl With ChunksReview

Thank You to The New Age Source for providing me with their products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

I received their Salt Lamp Bowl with Chunks to review.

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Bring a calm, serene and tranquil feeling to any room with a beautiful salt lamp. Salt lamps are known throughout the world for their ability to purify the air. These natural air purifiers work when lit by emitting negative ions into the air that attack positively charged particles. 
For quiet some time now I have heard nothing but positive things about salt lamps so I was excited to be able to try one of my own. My lamp is plugged in right next my work area. I have recently started suffering from tons of different allergies. I don't like to take medicines so I am always open to trying new things to offer some relief that doesn't require medications. The salt lamp really seems to help! My plan is to start moving the lamp beside my bed at night so I get relief both day and night! 

The New Age Source carries many other items too! They have crystals, candles, jewelry and more!

Soy Herbal Filled  Votive - Problem Solving

 You can purchase this Soy Herbal Filled votive for less than $4! Their prices are very affordable and they have so much to choose from so head on over and check them all out!

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