Wednesday, November 6, 2013

4 Helpful Guides in Testing a Fragrance

Testing a fragrance is important before you purchase anything from the store. Unless it’s a brand you’ve been using for years, you don’t know exactly how a particular scent smells on your skin. 

When visiting a discount fragrance store, make sure you carefully choose what type of fragrances suit your personality as well as your skin composition. To help you pick a new fragrance, here are four guides worth looking at. 

How do I test a fragrance? First thing to do is spray the perfume at the back of your hand or on your wrist. You may notice some store attendants who try to sell you one or several bottle of fragrances would spray the scent on a paper and hand that paper to you. The thing is you won’t get the scent you’re after. You’d only know how the scent actually smells on you when you spray it directly onto your skin. Wait for a few minutes to dry before you sniff. That’s the correct way in testing a fragrance. The quickest formulation that will react on your skin would be colognes or eau de toilette because they have lighter concentrations. 

Can I try several fragrances without confusing myself? Yes you can, but only up to three. If you’re planning to test more than three fragrances, you would have to sniff coffee beans just so you won’t be confused with the smell of the ones you’ve tested already. Since you’re trying out every fragrance on your skin, it’s better you limit testing to 3 or 4. You spray each scent on each of your hands (wrist or back of palm) and on each of the insides of your elbows. If you want to try more than four fragrances, you have to wash off those areas. 

Where else can I test a fragrance if I don’t want them on my skin? You can test the fragrance on a tissue, blotting paper or oil control film. Of course the downside of this is that you won’t get the best smell for any of these fragrances because the paper itself has a different composition. Ingredients typically react differently on your skin composition and on the paper. If you have longer hair, you may ask to spray some on your hair just to test the scent. Unfortunately if you don’t like how a fragrance smells, you might need to take a ride home and wash your hair thoroughly. 

Will I get the same smell just by sniffing the open bottle? No, you must apply the fragrance on your skin to get the best scent. The reason is that one fragrance reacts differently to every body composition. Some people have warmer bodies which help in making the scent more alive. Also, what you can sniff directly at an open bottle is the sharp sensation of alcohol. Now you can maximize the benefits of testing new fragrances with these helpful guides. Visit Beauty Encounter’s Facebook page for contests and promos


  1. I'll have to try this. I have the worst time finding a fragrance that suits me so I usually just end up not wearing any or using body spray.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Ive heard about spraying it on yourself before to make sure you get the best idea of the scent for you

  3. Spot on tips April. I won't use those paper test strips because the scent will never change like it will on our skin. I do however let my girls test with them all they want! It's far better than having 2 overly scented girls with you while you shop.

  4. You have some great points. The scent on the strip is completely different to the unique way it will smell on your skin. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great Tips Especially about The Coffee NEVER Knew!!! Thanks For Sharing!


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