Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ISIS Mobile Wallet: Pay for your purchases even if you leave the wallet at home! #VZWLife

You've probably seen my recent posting about ISIS Mobile Wallet and #VZWLife although you may have not fully understood what it was all about. The Isis Mobile Wallet is a free app that lets you use your smartphone to pay for purchases, and often save on them too. You can add participating payment cards and have it hold your offers and participating store loyalty programs, so they’re always with you.

 I cannot tell you the times I have ran out the door and forgot the credit card I needed or a coupon for a product that I really wanted. With the ISIS Mobile Wallet, I don't have to worry about not getting to pay for my purchases without driving all the way back home for my card or missing out on a good deal because I left the coupon behind! As long as I have my Smart Phone, I'm all set. 

• How ISIS works: 

The Isis Mobile Wallet holds virtual versions of many things your existing wallet does including your credit cards from participating providers. Just tap your phone to pay at any Isis-Ready merchant.

Save with offers. Your offers, deals and promotions are also stored in the Wallet, so you always have them with you, organized and ready to use.

Simplify loyalty cards. You can also add your loyalty cards from participating merchants. You know, the ones crowding your keychain and weighing down your wallet.

• Safety:

PIN protection: Your wallets accessed can only be opened by entering a unique 4 digit PIN that you set.

Remote wallet locking: If your device is lost, you can visit My Verizon to remotely suspend your wallet. 

The ISIS Mobile Wallet currently is only compatible with select Android Devices. To learn more about which device and to get started, click here.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Verizon Wireless#VZWLife team and received a device as part of this program. I am a long time Verizon customer and all opinions are my own

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