Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lefty's Left Handed Executive Left Handed Zippered Leather Portfolio Review

Thank You to Lefty's Left Handed for providing me with their products free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it's that things are just not made to be suitable for Lefty's. I have a large family that is full of Lefty's, and we have all had to learn to use all of our everyday products made for right handers with our left hand. Not anymore! Not since we found Lefty's Left Handed out of San Francisco. 

I had the opportunity to review their Executive Left Handed Zippered Leather Portfolio. It comes with a pad of 8-1/2" x 11" legal pad with 50 sheets of paper and a beautiful, ceramic-tipped Kyocera pen. From the outside it looks just like any other portfolio. 

You open it up and you can clearly see that it is designed exclusively for left handers. The pad of paper is actually on the left side of the portfolio!! On the right side is where I keep all of my paperwork and even my iPad! So there is no more having my arm resting on all of my papers or my iPad while trying to write in my portfolio. As a matter of fact, my old portfolio has now been retired. 

This portfolio is very handy and convenient. It's easy to grab as I'm walking out the door. I can fit either my iPad or Kindle inside, my phone, pen, extra paper, and there are even slots for my business cards or credit cards! And guess what! It all gets loaded from the left! 

To those of you that are right handed, you may not get it but there are so many issues that we as left handers face. One of them being the spiral notebook! Our arms come to rest on the those little rings and after a while it gets uncomfortable. Not to mention the ink that gets on the side of our hands because once we start writing, our hands continue to move over that very same spot!

 Another thing that aggravates me is sitting beside a right hander at the dinner table. We are elbow to elbow while trying to eat. My left elbow, their right! Switching places may seem like a reasonable fix, but just ask one of my right handed children to swap places with my left handed son, my husband or myself. Once they have claimed their spot, the war would be on to get them to move. 

One huge issue that I personally face daily as a blogger, is that the number pad is on the right side of my keyboard. I'm left handed, so learning to use the number pad on my keyboard was somewhat of a challenge. 

There are many more things that are a challenge for lefty's so I couldn't be happier with Lefty's Left Handed! They carry so many different products. Everything from tools to T-shirts, watches and kitchen utensils! 

 Overall, I am completely satisfied with my portfolio from Lefty's. I will definitely be a return customer for all of my lefty needs! The customer service was great as well! That's one thing that can definitely make or break a company. Lefty's definitely get's 2 thumbs up!

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