Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fanny Foozle Pre-School App

Looking for a fun new learning adventure for your pre-schooler? I have found just the app for you! 

"Fanny Foozle is pink and lives in the town of Flamboozle with her Foodle Dog Sam. Her best friends Fenelope and Dumple help whenever they can. Her Momma and Poppa always have some advice. Mayor Funkel does many funny things like fumbling on the Flamboozle skating ice. Every day is a fantastic adventure, a folly and a big surprise. There are flowers that sing and fine flumpleberry fruit pies. Along with Fanny we follow the trail or look for the clues. We sing along or find the cow that flew. There are so many things for us to do. So come bounce along with Fanny Foozle in the town of Flamboozle." 

My niece is 4 and she loves playing on my iPad when she comes over so it only makes sense to have some age appropriate material downloaded for her. I downloaded the free Fanny Foozle Pop app for her. To play, you pop as many fun character balloons as you can before the time is up! But beware the Mayor! Accidentally tap the Mayor three times and the game will end.  The balloons start off fairly slow with just a few at a time and gradually start to become faster with more balloons at once which really excited her! She did a great job popping the balloons and wanted to play over and over again. It's great at teaching hand/eye coordination! It keeps them busy while learning which to me is a win/win! 

I highly recommend you downloading the free app for your little pre-schooler. Not only are they learning, but they are having fun at the same time!

Call over your little one and check out the Fanny Foozle Theme Song Below: It's definitely catchy and fun for the little ones. 

The ebook, Fanny Foozle Fun app & Fanny Foozle Pop game are all free in the iTunes store, while only the ebook is available in the Android and Kindle store (it’s 1.99 for Kindle). 

Apps: iTunes

Download the FREE ebook here: Fanny Foozle Ebook - Fanny Foozle is a daily learning experience for preschool children. It is the triumph of solving mysteries, having fun, singing songs, saying tongue twisters and learning fundamental life building lessons. It is positive developmental lesson set in a world familiar and unfamiliar. 

Features of the Ebook:

• Interactive page animations! 
• Bonus character dialogue you can activate! 
• Interactive sound effects! 
• Bonus music video included at end
• Karaoke sing-along with Fanny’s theme
• Original music score! 
• Detailed coloring pages 
• Memory match game 
• Read-along karaoke narration 
• Page indexing

Fanny Foozle Fun - Here you can preview and purchase another fun song! The Fantuckle Failure song!

You can also purchase the app from Google Play and Kindle!

Purchase the Paperback Book: The Four Leaf Fantuckle Festival on Amazon! The book serves to teach team work, manners, friendliness, sharing etc. while stimulating a childs imagination and curiosity in the town of Flamboozle. 

You can purchase the SONGS via the links below:

Fanny Foozle Theme Song on Amazon

Connect with Fanny Foozle via Facebook and Twitter

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