Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guylian Belgian Chocolates Review

Thank You to Guylian Belgian Chocolates for providing me with their products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Over the Holiday's I received a very generous box of chocolates to review from Guylian Belgian Chocolates. 

How it all started:

"Guy Foubert - born in 1938 in Sint-Niklaas - was a passionate Belgian chocolatier making handmade chocolate truffles.
The story of Chocolaterie Guylian began in the late 1950’s with the marriage of Guy Foubert and Liliane. Guy and Liliane joined their names in our company name: Chocolaterie Guy-lian. Guy soon realised that the world was ready for something totally new. On which the young couple created for the first time chocolates in the shape of seashells. Guy developed the recipe of our signature hazelnut pralinĂ© filling; Lilliane added the artistic touch by designing the shining marbled look and the delicately sculptured shapes. A true love story of romance and chocolate."

When my box arrived, I was amazed at just how much chocolate was there. I thought I was in Heaven! There was everything from Chocolate bars to gift chocolates inside. After opening the first box, everyone in my house had a hard time staying out of it. We tested every single box within the first 2 days of having them here. All of our chocolates were the Chocolate Sea Shells. They were shaped as original sea shells and sea horses. You may wonder what the Sea Horse shapes are all about. 

When Guylian was founded, we distinguished ourselves by creating chocolates in the shape of sea shells and seahorses. Now we’re giving something back to the world and the environment by sponsoring Project Seahorse. Project Seahorse’s work entails much more than just saving the seahorse. Seahorses are flagship species for a wide range of marine conservation issues. For example, by ensuring their work on clean seas benefits all wildlife. To learn more, check out the About Project Seahorse on their site. 

There was not one type of chocolate that we received that we enjoyed any more or less than the other. Every single one was mouth watering and delicious. I really enjoyed my chocolate with my morning coffee. The warmth of the coffee paired with the deliciousness of the chocolate made for a great early morning treat! So if you are looking for something to give you the one you love on Valentine's Day this year, be sure to check out Guylian's site! You won't be disappointed!

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