Thursday, January 30, 2014

You can get up to $25.00 to spend at Kmart or Sears FREE!

Surprise points are being sent out!! Don't miss out!

If you are not a Shop Your Way Member yet I hope this convinces you to sign up! The perks are endless!!! And the FREE money to spend is OFTEN! But as with everything you need to be in it to win it.. so please take the 5 minutes to sign up NOW! Who knows you may jump in time to SCORE some FREE points to spend right away!

1. Follow me on ShopYourWay and you will hopefully sign up in time to get some surprise points. 

2. Make sure to select “I Agree to Personal Shopper Terms and Conditions”. 

Set up your FREE Shop Your Way Rewards account and get FREE shipping on most items!! 

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