Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Freya Arctic Cleansing Water Review

Thank You to Freya Skincare for allowing me to review their product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

I received the Freya Arctic Cleansing Water to base my review. I have extremely oily skin and even though it's not oil free, the product is nutrient-rich and designed to absorb quickly and completely into the skin, leaving a matte, “air-brushed” finish all day long. 

Here's a little info about Freya's Arctic Cleansing Water from their site:

"A beauty secret passed down through generations, Scandinavian girls are taught by their mothers to cleanse their faces only with ice cold water several times a day, which re-energizes skin and encourages blood flow. We’ve developed our Freya Arctic Cleansing Water to mimic the rejuvenating effects of this tradition with the necessary functional effects of an ultra-gentle cleanser, leaving your skin beautifully clean and refreshed, without drying it out. Arctic Antioxidants provide extra protection for your skin."

To use: Simply grab a cotton ball or makeup pad and gently massage onto your entire face, neck and chest area. it removed dirt, oil and makeup with no rinsing required. 


Aesthigel with Arctic sea salts & minerals: An effective and detoxifying skin cleanser and moisturizer

Aloe Vera: An effective skin conditioning agent

Caffeine: An anti-irritant. Caffeine also helps alleviate redness and reduces puffiness

Cucumber Extract: A calming skin conditioner that offers strong moisturizing abilities as well as a mild astringent effect

Chamomile Extract: A purifying skin conditioner that offers anti-inflammatory benefits as well as antiseptic and soothing effects

Red Raspberry Extract: A skin conditioner that also offers anti-inflammatory properties

I can definitely tell a difference in my skin since using Freya. At first I did experience more breakouts but that simply means it is doing it's job. It's really getting into the pores and bringing all of the dirt and oils to the surface which will result in breakouts. At this stage many people will simply give up on a product. It's very important to continue use as this will go away. The one thing I do not like about it is that after application my face feels somewhat sticky. For many that's not a problem as it does go away after a while but I for one prefer not to feel sticky. But take away the sticky feel, and the product is great!

Benefits of Freya Arctic Cleansing Water:

It rejuvenates your skin, leaving it youthfully clean and refreshed.
Their proprietary blend of Arctic Antioxidants, sea salts and minerals protect and re-energize the skin while providing calming moisture.

Freya is never tested on animals and contains no Parabens. Overall, I am satisfied with Freya's Arctic Cleansing water and will be recommending it to my friends! 

Buy It! You can purchase Freya's products directly from their website. 

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