Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stay Active with Sol Republic Headphones! #VZWBUZZ

I recently had the opportunity to review an awesome set of Sol Republic Headphones as part of the Verizon South Blogger Program. 

I was super excited to be able to try out a pair of Sol Republic Headphones! I'm very active at work and I like to be able to have a good set of earbuds that won't fall out of my ears so I can enjoy my music AND not miss a phone call! Sol Republic offers just that. RELAYS is the first crossover headphone with patent-pending FreeFlex™ Technology so they won't fall out. 

The sound quality of Sol Republic headphones are by far the best I have heard in a long time! After a stressful day at work I can pop in my earbuds and take my daily walk. They block out all of the other noise and allow me to only hear my music which is definitely a huge stress reliever. 

The bass from the headphone is just perfect. Not ear busting and no crackling or popping sounds. The biggest perk, I can easily block out my husband now! I made it a point to let him "borrow" them for about 5 minutes so he knew the sound quality. During that 5 minutes I did a lot of yelling at him to try and get his attention to no avail. So now, when I'm jamming out to my favorite music and he starts talking, he knows that I'm "out of commission". SCORE! 

Sol Republic headphones are sweat and water resistant and very lightweight. They come with a convenient carrying case making them easy to drop into my purse and not worry about them getting broken. They have 4 different ear tip sizes and are marked with an "L" and "R" for those of you like me who would put them in backwards otherwise. They have a clip on them as well which is great to clip on to your clothing to keep from misplacing them. It would be more than heart breaking to me if I were to lose or misplace my Sol Republics! However, the clip is removable for those of you that would rather do without it. 

Another favorite "perk" of the Sol Republic headphones is that they have a remote! Built in to the wiring! So if there is a certain song I don't want to hear at that time, I simply click the remote twice and it will fast forward to the next song. Wanna replay the last song? Simply click the remote three times back and voila! Overall, I am completely satisfied with my Sol Republics and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great quality earbud. 

Buy Them! You can purchase these awesome headphones directly from their site for only $79.99! 

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