Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Petmate Dog Toy and Cooling Mat Review

Thank You to Petmate for sending me their products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

I received the following items to base my review: 

Chuckit! FireFly™ LED Ball: It allows for late-night fun. This ultra-bright, multicolor LED ball fades between colors, creating a constant motion helping dogs- and their playmate- keep their eyes on the ball. 

(2) JW® PlayBites™ Caterpillars: They are designed to hold a variety of treats and excite canine senses. This indestructible caterpillar is great for family road trips or fun outdoors.

(2) Aspen Pet® Self-Cooling Mats that conforms to ambient room temperature, keeping your dog cool and comfortable. The non-toxic cooling gel absorbs body heat and no water or refrigeration is required.

The caterpillar has been a HUGE hit with Marley. He throws it around and jumps and plays for hours with it! You'd think it was his new best friend by the way he walks around with it in his mouth all the time. He even turned his nose at the LED ball because he was too worried about the caterpillar. 

Little Girl wanted Marley's toy

Marley wasn't sharing and in the end he had it all to himself
Little girl was not a fan of her toy. The LED ball is much too big for her but the caterpillar was the perfect size. She only wanted Marley's and when she couldn't get his, she didn't care for hers either. 

The cooling mats are perfect for keeping them cool during these hot Middle TN summers. I laid my legs on them and they were quiet cooling and comfortable. I put Marley's in his dog house for him and he tore it to shreds. Little Girl has laid on hers occasionally but she prefers to be in the bed with me so she doesn't get a lot of use out of it. The concept is a great one though! If you have dogs that will actually use them, they definitely serve their purpose. 

Overall I am completely pleased with my package from Petmate and highly recommend the products that I reviewed to anyone with dogs. 

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