Giveaway Rules

Updated 11-01-13

When entering giveaways that you find on my page, if you click on an entry and you press enter, please make sure the task is complete. Sometimes a confirm button will pop up and if you do not see it and do not confirm, the entry is not valid. Has happened to me and it is very disappointing.

Also, if you click on enter that you did a task, it will be verified, so please be honest.

When leaving comments on the blog post that is visible to the public, please keep it clean. Vulgar and demeaning comments toward the hosts or the fans will terminate your entries. (We're all adults here right?)

Winner Will Be Announced on the Rafflecopter

You will receive an email from THE HOST. You must agree to the Terms & Conditions in this email before the host can send you your Prize (No Exceptions). You must email the host within 24-48 Hours (Exact time will be specified in the email) To Claim Your Prize Or A New Winner Will Be Selected. PLEASE check your spam folders. Do not miss out on the prize due to the winning email going to spam. In the event that happens, there is nothing we can do and we are in NO WAY responsible. We have to be fair and honest to everyone and if you do not claim your prize in the time given we will have to choose another winner.

Lastly, by entering into ANY giveaway on this page
you agree that you have read and agree to these terms.

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