Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Little Clinic Review

The Little Clinic

With springtime comes allergy season and bug bites! Two things that I dread every year at this time. I'm not a big fan of Doctor's offices but I have recently discovered The Little Clinic at my local Kroger in Nashville, TN. Back in February I thought I was dying from the flu. The kids still had to eat so I ran into Kroger to grab some items for dinner and decided while I was there I would stop into the clinic for a quick check up.  Luckily I wasn't dying nor did I have the flu! It was just a simple Upper Respiratory Infection.

Today, I yet again paid a visit to The Little Clinic. I have a very nasty looking bump/bite on my leg. I wasn't sure if it was a spider or tick bite, or just an ingrown hair thanks to the cheap razors my husband purchased. I signed in to the same smiling faces as I did back in February. For me this is HUGE! I am not a fan of seeing a new face every time I go into a Dr's office or clinic. My wait time was very minimal and the care was again extraordinary! So if you're like me and always in a rush and never have the time to wait in the ER or Dr's office, give The Little Clinic a try! They can perform a number of treatments and services including physicals and vaccinations! It just doesn't make sense to go anywhere else! And if you're in the Bellevue, TN (Highway 100) area, be sure to pop in and say HI to Ellen Ferrell , FNP-BC!

Disclosure: I received NO compensation for this publication. All opinions are that of my own and my differ from those of your own. 

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