Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meet Our Newest Additions!

I have always been an animal lover. I guess it started when we were kids because my Dad would stop on the side of the road and grab a stray hungry dog and throw him in the back of the car with us, and off we'd go. We ended up with some pretty good animals too! Perhaps they knew we saved their lives. 

As I got older and moved out on my own, I lived in an apartment where no animals were allowed. Didn't stop me really. I still got them and  just hid them from the manager. I can't let something starve. Read Luke's Story. At one point I had 22 dogs. So when a friend showed up with Sophie I couldn't resist her. 

Sophie is 6 months old. I was told she was at a farm where she had no real food source and NO water at all. Her Mom was in extremely bad shape. I kept begging to see the Mama but no-one would let me, until I threatened to call the Humane Society. A few weeks later she arrived as well. I won't post pictures of her as she was in AWFUL shape and only lived 3 days, despite me calling a vet out and medications and all that.


Barbie belongs to the neighbors. She came from the same farm. Luckily she was not in as bad of shape but she still needed a little work. We are working on getting her there. She rides fairly well. She is a little feisty at times and won't hesitate to throw you if she feels the need but we are working on that. 


Sugar is just sugar. She is feisty at times and will throw you as well if she feels like it but for the most part she is pretty easy going. She came from an auction. Had we not gotten her she was kill pin bound. 


Whiskey is our newest addition. Whiskey is a 17 y/o very pregnant Mare. She is feisty so we work hard with her. She is definitely the boss of all the others. She adores Sophie though. She came from the same farm as Sophie and Barbie. Her and Sophie eat together and roam the yard together. I hope that stay the same when the little one gets here though!


These are our goats. Don't ask me how they got here. I came home one day and they had done some wheeling and dealing and the goats were here. The 2 Females (Nannies) are both pregnant and the the Billy is just a nuisance honestly but I'm excited to see the new babies! I am just now getting them to trust me and let me pet them. They don't have names (taking suggestions) yet, I just call them "Goat".


We may have gone a little over board with the "farm type" animals all at once, but I can sleep easy at night now knowing that they are not starving. They have plenty of good quality feed now, and some temporary shelters that will work just fine until we can get money saved to have a nice barn built. We work with them all EVERYDAY. Even if it's just going out to hang out with them for a bit. We make our presence known to them, and they seem to enjoy it. We didn't hesitate hopping on them to ride either. Whiskey hadn't been rode in a few years but we saddled her right up and took off. We've learned one thing, never let them see you scared. If they notice you are nervous or scared or going to let them do what they want, they got you where they want you. 

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  1. I am also an animal lover and growing up I had dogs, cats, a goat and a horse. I loved them all and when we sold the farm and moved to the city I was heartbroken.


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