Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SHMILY Coins Review

What is a SHMILY coin you ask?

"SHMILY coins are small (1½" round) wooden tokens that can be hidden in your loved one's wallet, purse, lunchbag, pillow, suitcase, dashboard, under their windshield wiper, in a card, briefcase, or any other place where it is sure to be found with an appreciative smile. "

"Laura Hammond wrote the SHMILY story in 1995 as a short story in tribute to her grandparents who found numerous ways to surprise one another with messages telling each other, "See How Much I Love You." Laura's story was quickly forwarded throughout her family. Soon, friends of relatives were also inspired and eventually the SHMILY story was published in the Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul book in 1999. The SHMILY story has since been published in numerous books and languages."

I received 5 SHMILY coins to review. When I opened my package and read the entire SHMILY story it brought a tear to my eye! Just the simple things in life make it so much more worth while. There are so many ways to show your love to someone without spending a ton of money doing so! 

I plan on hiding the SHMILY coins in my children's backpacks. My husband travels a lot for work and normally I will throw a note in his bag so this time the note will be combined with a SHMILY coin! Leaving the word SHMILY in unsuspecting places will also become a habit in my home and the homes of my family members! 

I will also be placing a SHMILY coin on my Dad's grave as soon as his headstone arrives. He always kept little things like angels or something in his pocket that the family would give him, so I'm sure he would have appreciated a SHMILY coin.

SHMILY coins velvet bag

SHMILY coins are affordable for any budget! I hope that you will consider the SHMILY tradition with in your family! These will make perfect Valentine's Day Gifts as well!

 Be sure to check SHMILY-coins on Facebook and tell them what you think of their little token of love!


  1. What a cute idea...thanks for the post

  2. This is really cute. I like that you can hide these in small places for your loved ones to find! Thanks for sharing!


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