Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bathroom Remodel

A month ago we moved to a house that I have loved for many years. 
My Great-Grandmother owned this house from the time I was 5 until I was in my teens. I remember coming here as a kid and playing in the creek and running up and down the stairs. We lived here a few years back but there was issues with the landlord at the time and we moved. In the meantime, a family moved in and didn't have near the love for the house that we did. When we got it back (buying it this time) it was nothing short of an absolute disaster. The smell inside was unbearable. The Mother of the previous tenant was an absolute sweetheart. She didn't live here, she just bought and paid for it. She too was in just as much shock when she saw the inside. We were still 100% sure that we wanted this house back! We were living in a 800 sq ft 1969 model Mobile Home. It served it's purpose and did us well for the past 3 years but it was time to give everyone their own space.

When we first moved in I didn't get near as many before pictures as I wanted too, but we had to sand every floor inside, seal them, and paint every wall just to be able to bring my stuff inside. It's right at 3,000 sq ft so it took us a good week to get it to where we could bring our stuff in. We are gradually remodeling it as we go. I definitely want to keep it as natural as I can though. I want to have it as I remember it as a kid. 

Creek running through my yard. My kids now play in this daily as we did when we were kids.

Yesterday we decided to remodel the kids bathroom. It was pretty rough so I knew that had to be our first big project. We use our local lumber yard for all of our wood, eliminating the middle man (aka Lowe's and Home Depot) and get our wood for at least half price. The flooring for the bathroom cost me just under $12. Sealer for the floor was on clearance for $5. I paid more for the shower curtain, trash can, and toilet paper holder than I did for the flooring, sealer and paint! 

As you can see the floor was in awful shape. The tiles were a mess and they stunk so bad! My husband pulled the toilet up so I could bleach it down. We replaced the old wax ring in the bottom as well. Better to do that now than have to pull it up again. It was needed! 

After he got the tile pulled up the wood underneath was very wet. This was thanks to the wax ring on the toilet being bad.

Finally got the new flooring down! This is nothing more than some 1x4 boards, as the lumber yard was out of the tongue and groove that we wanted but it looks just as good! Now time to let it dry so we can move on to the next task of painting it again!

Now that the final touches have been applied, I am super excited to share the after images! 

I am pleased with the outcome! Exhausted but pleased! :)

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  1. Wow! I love the look of the floor, that turned out great.The bathroom looks awesome. Congrats on getting the house that you love!


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