Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RTGS Products: 30-Foot Micro LED Lights Review

Thank You to RTGS Products for allowing me to review their products free of charge in exchange for my honest review
warm white 30 foot micro LED string lights         cold white 30 foot micro LED string lights
I recently had the opportunity to review their 100 Micro LED Lights on 30-foot Silver Wire. The package arrived and it was so small! I was surprised when I opened them and saw that it was indeed a whole string of lights. My plan for the lights is to add them to one of my large cases with some potpourri, but in the meantime, my daughter took over. Since we recently moved, I turned my sun room into my office, which has no light fixture. Great during the day but not so much at night. She hung the LED lights around the office and it adds a great comforting light for when I am working after dark. It compliments the room well. They are very lightweight and could probably be help up just with scotch tape. 

Product Specifications & Details
• Ultra-thin, durable, flexible silver wire
• LED Count: 100 per 30 feet
• 6 foot long clear cable connecting wire with power supply (36 foot total length)
• Power Supply: 7.5V AC to DC Transformer
• Lifetime: >30,000 hours
• Warranty: 30 days
• Energy efficient
• String lights submersible, (not power supply)
• Shipping dimensions: 4” x 2” x 2”
• Weight: 3.7 ounces

The LED lights will work well for a covered porch or gazebo as well. They are energy savers and provide up to 30,000 hour lifetime and use a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional incandescent bulbs. The string lights can conform to any shape and create elegant decorative accents leaving you with endless decoration ideas. I still plan to check Pinterest for other decorating with lights ideas and sure my lights will receive many different uses. They would also be a great addition to a teenagers room!

Overall I am pleased with my LED lights! I hope to eventually have a few more sets to try out my various projects!

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