Monday, August 5, 2013

Monkey Balm Review

Thank You to Monkey Balm for allowing me to review their product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I started having allergies to anything but when the allergies came, they came all at once. I had to stop using my favorite laundry detergent, body wash, everything. More recently, even after using a dye free detergent, I had a persistent itchy rash on the under side of my upper arm. I tried numerous methods to relieve the rash including Benadryl cream, Hydrocortison, you name it. Nothing worked. So I reached out to Monkey Balm

Monkey Balm is great for soothing dry itchy skin instantly. It improves eczema, and extreme dry skin in 3 days, not to mention, it also works great for sunburns, and minor scrapes and burns. The main ingredient is Sea Buckthorn. This berry’s medicinal uses for healing and overall health and beauty are legendary according to a Tibetan book of healing arts called Sibu Yi Dian, that was written as far back as 13 centuries ago. 

Sea buckthorn has been thoroughly researched in over 350 modern scientific studies that have found it to promote healthy skin as well as many other benefits such as cardiovascular, antioxidant, liver protection, eye health, and joint health…to name a few. Sea buckthorn contains more than 190 biologically active compounds that can nourish the body's cells to protect the skin from free radicals and actually heal damage from environmental stressors and numerous skin conditions.

As for my rash, within minutes of appplying Monkey Balm, it was no longer itching. Within 2 days, the rash was gone! Huge relief to me, because I'm still not used to living with any kind of allergy. Within the next few months as the weather starts to get cooler, my daughter will start getting a very dry itchy rash over her face. This happens every winter and has since she was born, Monkey Balm will definitely be my go to the minute this rash appears. Had I known of Monkey Balm when she was a toddler, it would have saved her a lot of scratching (and even a scar or two). It is very easy to apply with it's no mess applicator. Simply rub it on to the area you need it. If using for multiple people, I recommend using a cotton ball or q-tip. 


Other ingredients in Monkey Balm are 
Sea buckthorn seed oil
Sea buckthorn fruit oil
Sea buckthorn puree
Castor seed oil
Jojoba seed oil
Cocoa butter
Vitamin E
Squalene (plant source)


You can purchase Monkey Balm directly from their site for only $15.95! Great price for a product that actually works and remember, a little goes a long way. 

Overall, I am extremely pleased with Monkey Balm and will be a return customer! The customer service was very friendly which is always a huge plus for me. Highly recommend it to anyone with skin allergies! 

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