Monday, August 19, 2013

Diamond Candle Review and Giveaway

Thank You to Diamond Candle for providing me with their products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Diamond Candles is a combination of highly fragrant premium quality soy candles, with an exciting and fun 'ring reveal' experience and a ring to wear for months and years to come! That means making something as boring as burning candles in your home something to look forward to all in one! I chose the Vanilla Cream candle to base my review. I love anything to do with Vanilla and the Diamond Candle brand was nothing short of a great Vanilla scent. 

After lighting it, everyone that walked in thought I was baking. It smells like a fresh sweet treat in the oven. The story behind Diamond Candles is very sweet as well! Definitely worth reading from their "About Us" section of their page. 

One thing I like about the Diamond Candle is that you don't have to guess as to where your ring is. You can see the foil pack inside. It was a good ways down but my house smelled amazing while I patiently waited for the prize to reveal itself at the top. When it finally made it's appearance, this is the ring I found inside! 

Despite the numerous pictures I took, I couldn't get a good quality picture, but the main stone is Violet and it has four "diamonds" on either side. My only complaint is when the ring did surface, it was not wrapped well therefore causing it to be covered with melted soy and look very dull. I'm hoping a good cleaner will take care of that and make it wearable for a little while. Overall, my experience with Diamond Candles was a good one. The scent of the candle is definitely the best part! 

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  1. I just got this same ring and I was wondering if its real?

  2. I just got this same ring and I was wondering if its real?


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